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Beam Delivery Optics

In the beam delivery section of a Co2 laser cutting machine, the laser beam is transferred from the laser cavity to the working head. In principle, two Co2 laser moveable mirrors would be sufficient in a 2D-machine for guiding the laser beam to any point on the worksheet. In modern 2D-machines and especially in 3Dmachines, however, the beam delivery section has additional functions which require additional Co2 optical mirrors with specific properties.

Plano Cu & Si Mirrors

In order to optimize function of these mirrors, different substrate materials are used - the most common ones are silicon(Si) and copper (Cu). Silicon mirrors have light weight and are therefore preferred in flying optics where high accelerations are needed. Copper has high thermal conductivity, and channels for cooling water can be included directly into the Co2 laser mirrors. So in order to realize different mirror functions, different coatings are needed.

Water Cooled Cu Mirrors

As the output power of the Co2 laser is getting higher throughout the years, the technical demands and damage threshold the Co2 laser optics need to withstand is more challenging. As a solution to those challenges optics manufacturers added cooling system to the Co2 laser Cu mirror, by that the mirror will be less inclined to thermal expansion, and a proper cooling of the optical surface is ensured. The cooling of the Co2 laser optic surface is achieved by drilling of channels close to the surface, by that there is less damage to the coating as in is exposed to less heat. This drilling is not applicable to Si mirrors due to the brittleness of the material .

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